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Being a certified Health Coach has taught me that tiny steps lead to big changes. Let me be the first to say congratulations on taking this step towards health and wellness! It would be my pleasure to take this journey with you.




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What They Say

Before working with Coach Bailey, my healthy lifestyle journey was a rollercoaster. I’d become burnt out and discouraged from failed diet fads and workout routines. I knew I needed more than just another low carb, high protein diet, and HIIT workout plan. During our first consultation, she listened intently and showed a genuine interest in my health goals by asking questions concerning my morning/nightly routine. Once she helped me recognize the root cause of the issue, she recommended a few simple yet essential daily habits I could implement in the morning and before bed, such as breathing techniques, a healthy meal plan with simple recipes, and journaling before bed as a tool to release stress. I noticed changes in my energy levels, mood, and sleep almost immediately after following her instructions. I am pleased with my progress and feel assured that I will continue getting good results and attaining my goals with her continued training and encouragement. I would HIGHLY recommend Coach Bailey to anyone looking for an overall lifestyle change beyond weight loss.

Monique L.

Coach Bailey is a close friend of mine. As good friends often do, I signed up for coaching to “help” her when she launched her coaching practice. That was January 2021. I had just come back from a Christmas vacation exhausted from a week of overeating. I was also close to my highest weight. I was gaining and losing the same 10 pounds. The timing could not have been better. Our first session surprised me. I have worked with many different coaches and trainers in the last 20 years and most offered a one-size-fits-all solution. Many of those solutions worked. Until they didn’t. Did I mention I was close to my highest weight when I returned from the Christmas holiday?
After a conversation that focused on “the why,” Coach Bailey helped me set some very simple goals that gave me some wins in my first week. For me, one of those first goals was limiting my soda consumption to one Coke every other day. I learned about the five pillars of health and included a goal related to sleep hygiene in my first week. For me, that was cutting my TV consumption back to two hours a day and turning it off at least an hour before bedtime.
Fast forward to 37 pounds lost later and my now biweekly sessions are helping me fine tune my why. It took about six months for me to “get it.” Coach Bailey was very patient as I adapted different strategies that are now part of my lifestyle. I’ve given up dieting. A game changer for me about 8 months ago was giving up seed oils (more commonly labeled as “healthy” vegetable oils). These rancid oils are in most commercially produced and packaged food – and linked to many serious health problems. Once those oils came off my list, I realized that there was a lot of good food that I could enjoy, even treats, if I knew how they were sourced and especially if I did my own cooking.
Coach Bailey and I read a lot of the same authors in the field of functional medicine and follow many of the same podcasts. Recently, I had my first appointment with a functional medicine practice – taking another big step toward responsibility for my health and well-being. My battery of tests, including extensive blood work, revealed great strides in my health journey. A year or two ago, my new primary care practice would have been speaking a foreign language. Today we speak the same language. Food is medicine and information. And guess what? I learned that I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing to live my best life. Today, we are working together, along with my coach, to remove some medications from my daily life.
If I had any advice to offer anyone considering working with a board-certified functional medicine health coach, it would be to start there. Going into a functional medicine practice cold without the learnings and experience from my coaching sessions would have been overwhelming and I would have very likely given up. A great coach works at your pace. I’ve given up Cokes altogether and the money I wasted on unhealthy food is now being spent on new clothes – because my old wardrobe no longer fits!

Margaret B.

I have to say that changing my way of eating has had a major impact on my health. I did it as a way to a healthier lifestyle to reduce some of the symptoms from asthma, seasonal allergies, & acid reflux. I started the 7-day Journal in September of 2021 & I still eat the same. I eliminated dairy, bread, & fried foods. I ate 5 servings daily of fresh & frozen vegetables of different colors, nuts, beans, baked chicken & fruit.  Within the first week I noticed that I wasn't experiencing any heartburn, yeah! There's been great improvements of the asthma, the seasonal allergies, & my sleeping! Thanks Coach Bailey you're simply the best!

Yvette P.

Before I began working with Khali, I was frustrated with my weight and felt like I needed to make some changes. When I found out Khali was a health coach, I went to her website and was thrilled to find out that she and I agree on what constitutes healthy eating, so I immediately signed up for coaching. While I already knew WHAT to do and eat, I needed support, and I couldn't have been more pleased with Khali's wisdom and encouragement.
Over the course of 2021, I did lose 10 pounds, but more importantly, I became healthier and gained a healthier self-image, and a great deal of the credit goes to Khali. She gently guided me from where I began in 2021 - feeling discouraged and sometimes hopeless - to a place where I could honestly say, "I deserve to be healthy."

Caroline J.

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