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Protect Your Vibes

Well, my friends, I know it’s been a while. Let me start by saying I still haven’t had any alcohol! It’s been over 8 months now and I feel amazing! I’m also down to 145 lbs., which is very close to my end of the year goal, 140. I know that not drinking alcohol was a huge part of my weight loss, but there were other things that brought me to this point. I was already working on my mindset, but this year I have had a total shift in the way I allow myself to think. I have become hyperaware of the things I let into my body as a whole. Some of these examples may resonate with you and I want you to know this is not a judgement on you, it’s just me telling you about my journey. Sometimes it’s just good to get another person’s perspective on things.

So, on a regular day I would listen to true crime podcasts all day long while I was working and on my walks. If it wasn’t true crime, it was a podcast on what’s going on in the music industry. Most of the television shows I watched were also true crime. When I went on runs, I would listen to music that hyped me up, but wasn’t necessarily good for someone that’s trying to change their mindset. I love me some angry rap when I’m in the zone, but I also know all the words to those songs, and when I would listen, I started to really pay attention to the wording and the emotions they would bring out of me. At a point I just decided none of these things were serving me in a positive way. The true crime shows and podcasts either made me sad or pissed me off, and the music had the same effect.

I said all this to say, I unsubscribed to all of them! I hung on to the music podcast a little longer than the true crime, but ultimately, I gave that one up too. I am now listening to shows that get me excited about growth and using my gifts to serve. I also love a good health podcast. Unsubscribing from my favorite podcasts may seem like an extreme thing to do, but we are in extreme times. Everywhere we look there is negativity and divisiveness. I don’t need to opt into it, it’s all around me, and you. I still catch a true crime tv show occasionally, but I no longer binge trauma all day. I must protect my peace, and being sad, angry, and disturbed by the events of someone else’s life is just not the way for me to do that.

This weight loss journey has become a transformation journey. I am learning that when you change your mindset and your lifestyle it creates a whole new you. Sometimes we must give up the things that aren’t serving our ultimate goals. The good news is that there are so many other things in life worth learning and exploring. I have always loved reading, but the number of books I’ve read this year is insane! Every time the Amazon truck comes my wife just shakes her head because she knows there’s another book being delivered. I tell her there are worse things I could buy. 🤷🏽‍♀️Life is all about growth and finding your purpose. It’s hard to do that when we are all so busy being distracted by things that are killing our good vibes. Don’t let distractions keep you from giving the world what it’s missing.❤️

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