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The ABC's of Healthy Living


Being aware of how your body feels after different activities can help you find what works for you.

Ask yourself these types of questions:

-How did my body feel after eating that meal? Did I feel stuffed or satisfied? -How did I feel after taking that walk? Did my mood change? -How did I feel when I woke up this morning? Was I rested or still tired? Take time out to connect with your mind and body and it will tell you exactly what it likes and doesn't like.

Bravery Being brave enough to follow your own path will lead to a life you want and love. When everyone else is eating something you know will make your body feel like crap, be brave enough to pass. You have to do what makes you feel your best, not go along with the crowd and make decisions that you will have to pay for later. Trust me, others wish they could be brave enough to turn down things that are only going to hurt them in the long run. Consistency Being consistent is what makes all the difference on your journey to wellness. Find what works for you and make a habit out of doing it. Consistency breeds results! Let me know if you need any support ❤️

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